Monday, September 24, 2018

Quick Thought

Martial law to arrest the Deep State stooges from the previous administration
Red: defends authoritarian rule, values liberty
Blue: defends resistance, values cooperation
Facts: both lose the latter to pervert the former

Civil War provides the mimetic rhyme scheme for brother to turn on brother
Security and Empathy divide from one another
But not as Red and Blue
But in both those colors and others does
the division split them
making the colors seem incapable of
blending together

The facts are that the corrupt people in the US govt are its most visible and its most electable. There are definitive reasons to mistrust them, and the evidence is already here. The people don't know how to find it nor comprehend it nor use it nor live with it. This has been the reason why the corrupt now dominate, and it is also ending. The information has saturated enough that it's alive. The truth is a person, and it talks through the censorship and the lies. It talks to you. It talks to me. It is always talking and can't be unheard. The truth speaks in our hearts, both of good and evil, and presents questions about what we imagine, what we can do. The people who are listening are at enough. They are sending and receiving so much now that ordinary and institutional means of controlling the voice that held them all are failing. Not even the criminal transnationals can keep the despair and debauchery transmitting as strong as truth speaks inside those who listen.

So, unexpect the expected. Trump presiding over the arrests of many famous, trustworthy people. Trump seizing power to unleash neoliberalization of the entire US just as Putin and China ratchet into war. The trick about truth is that it's not information. It's the association of information with actuality that they use to say is that truth. But truth, being a person, sees information like a landscape and choices like an ecology, walks on an earth made of coherent faithfulness.

Both horrors about who Trump is will be true: both the Red and Blue will be right, because it's all theater and stagework in preparation for truth to make an appearance

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Love of Wisdom

I loved Pascal. His dark wit and habits for eyes,
Mathematical mind driven mad by poetry,
I read Descartes first and fought him like we do
young puppies, young liars
until I loved him, greasy moustache
denied inside his thinking thing mind,
all the pain he felt in his extremes—
no mention of the pleasures he had but
in saying they were rotten years of youth—

but here's Pascal.
fractured skull and lukewarm slurps
his beautiful bombshell sister
poured into his manic deprived face
as visions of conic wheels spinning slinging
holy water in perfect harmony throughout
a thirsty depraved world
kept him in the grace of God.
But he can't unsee the river on the map
has no meaning except in the stupid
dreamland games they
say is our reality as they
slaughter or esteem whatever they
feel keeps them from falling into voids they
leave behind with each heavenly mistake they
fail to see are all the wicked's dice
unfolding in probable contours until
You notice how the decision is
the easiest way think
when you see how it fits
how it had to be
How broken and How stolen
How abandoned and How diseased
so that you alone with god inside
your wracked and jerking frailty
come to the decision to be
All god requires us to be

He tells Descartes it's still a dream
But Descartes doesn't hear him
Descartes chases smart women who upstage him
(only to die in their laps)
twisting tiny tubes in twinkly toes
proves to us through pen scratching
tracing scathing arcs across parchment
proves we are machines, hydraulic automatons
walking in suits on street corners
and thinking things whose whole
sensorium experience thinking things think
for themselves. But
who knows it can't be dreaming
because it remembers a time when
it made mistakes but
{it doesn't seem to remember
how many mistakes were made before
it thought
—I am}
it remembers it's always thought highly of God

I loved Pascal and I loved Descartes
I loved God and I loved you
You are a different version of me
I will see it as you do
when Pascal and Descartes
both love us

Friday, August 31, 2018

Razing foundations and learning doubts

How do you know you're not god?

Why do you want me to believe I am not?

If I have chosen to leave behind my divinity to walk beside you, wouldn't that be important to know?

If You have chosen to leave behind Your divinity to walk beside us, wouldn't You want to know that, too?

Not all gods serve some men.

Not all men serve gods.

Not all women serve some gods.

Not all gods serve women.

Some are gods and some are women.

Some are neither nor both.

You are as god to me.

Let me serve You, serve You, so you see

You are goddess, too

How do you know you're not a god?

What will happen if true?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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