Thursday, June 01, 2017

The ocean and the Ocean

The moon, the sun, and the Earth are
bobbing up and down on a giant Ocean,
whose downward direction is not the downward orientation
we feel when we're lying on our backs
and looking up at the stars, looking without which
we will never see how the sun, and the moon, and the Earth, and them—
The Wanderers—
are all bobbling along on a great Ocean, whose
far distant horizons are the higher form
to match the far distant horizon
we see slightly curving from a shoreline
or from a high mountain's peak,
the highest or the lowest your feet can reach,
a vast deepness to fall across flattened to a wall
upon which we see all those distant splotches and dots.

But both are just like bathtubs to someone
whose rubber ducky is really so big
and if that someone splashes that tub
from glee or rage or boredom
test or dream or spasm
we likewise drown in
suffocating thickness
(Space is not empty,
it's vast)

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