Monday, June 12, 2017

ode to a dying god

hold still, there's still some time . . .

what if your god when you first met
was just a child, a stranger who set
down with you and soon you find
that he destroys it all, mess so fine
you cannot do anything but pick
him up and hold him and then he
goes and dies and says goodbyes
and shrivels up a teenager
staring into any light who grabs him
dancing away his brilliance
in other demigod stars

what if your god dies
in your arms at night softly
with no hiccups and coughs
just lying there, slight spasm
you feel inside, you cannot help
since your god made you to feel her
dying all the time

what if your god teaches you
there's a secret to the game
what if your god teaches you
there's no name behind the name
what if your god teaches you
that dying's all the same
what if your god teaches you
how to leave the game

like he did

like you must

for the long last slow
goodbye into goodnight
is how you suffer eternity
as one falls into a black hole

only, you will see yourself from outside
and you will freeze in eternity surrounded
in flames and images of your last mistakes before
judgment day wipes you away from trace and
all these nothing-but-sand-bars

what if your god as an adult
from your future coming backwards into you
teaches you the real meaning of

good bye


hell oh

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