Thursday, June 08, 2017

Cryptic Theory #2443

Large, globalized nation-states and corporate-states have reached population limits in their respective action-spaces.

The thermodynamic and informational principles at work dictate
the turn inward after
hitting the action limit
will exhibit
harmonic oscillations.

Well-formed limits will generate harmonics that are beautiful.

Malformed limits will generate cacophonies that are destructive.

{Surface pattern facing outwards produces holographic structure within.}

Not all destruction is evil.


Not all beauty is good.

The individual note is itself a plurality of oscillations.

  Each oscillation is itself the collocation of mutually interacting sites in motion.

  Harmonies occur in scales, and across dimensions of motion.


The collapse of large, globalized nation-states and corporate-states
—the evolutionary children of a particular combination of
philosophies, logics, loves, and biologies—
is inevitable, as
everything must die, including
our categories themselves.


  The limits evolve and find harmonies,


    there are universes and realities you explore

      and who explore themselves

      through your perspectives,

    your own sites in motion.

  Even You,

  Even I,

  even the little things

  inside us who

    live and die multiple times,

  all their lifetimes

  all their regrets.


when a culture begins to reach its action limit,

it will send out echoes and resonances,

waves and ripples,  

nodes and antinodes,  

within itself,   

the little things pulsing,   

just to oscillate from one  

extreme to another, ripping  

into glitter and stardust all over again.


is there MUSIC in HEAVEN this way?

What do I rip apart in order to hear the song?

Why is my MUSE the undying self-destructive?

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