Monday, May 15, 2017

strangled early morning

"Do you want to be my angel? So help me, Jesus . . ."

I am sitting on a distant shore looking out over the still sea
Frozen and glass, translucent and streaked
Shards of ice and time, the cold truth of eternity seen from mortal eyes

You are on the farther shore burning nightfire without tiring
Nonstop flowing and anticipassion
Fingertips and tendrils
yielding embraces reaching out from dark, dark eyes
The immortal falling-under of something less than a god
is the endless falling-within of everyday human desire

  I am the lingering in my soul
  The waiting who continues to wait
  Continence makes me holy, so it seems
  And holiness is the beginning of my own
  endless flowing, when I begin seeing
  from immortal eyes the burning lies in eternity

     Thank you, thank you, thank you
    each skin I shed
    each scar I bleed
    each truth I learn
    each lie I trust
     thank you, thank You, Thank You
    each lesson I pass
    each wisdom I enact
    each No I made Yes
    each Yes I made mine
     all for someone
     someone no longer me
     someone no longer you

here on this shore  
you are standing there, looking over my shoulder,
around my wide and solid bulk  
your tail curling across my side   
eyes that see in the dark and the light  
nose that smells the truth and lies 
whiskers that hear the tremblings of hearts  
you lick your tail across my tricep, tickling 
my side, into armpit, soft hairs   
you whisper a purr into my ear  
your lingering in your soul   
the waiting who continues to wait    

Continence makes us holy
but the darkness makes us bright  
soulful spirit beckons us with   
frozen waves and silent smiles  
but who swallows whom   
who becomes whom   
who compels whom     
who you, whom me      
who me, whom you.        

do you know who is on the other side of the door?
 Do you know why they have to knock?
 Do you know why they ring the bell?
do you know the secret of the sea creation?

someday the islands all vanish beneath the frozen sea
 but their shadows stay within our souls
remembering, recalling, recollecting

oh god
it will burn oh god
like goddesses burning
their souls on the air
 as witches raped
 as bitches scraped
clean of their skins
oh god it will burn
all the way down

all the way down to the essence of us
someone no longer me
someone no longer you

   no more skin
   no more truth
   no more lies

   no more eyes

{yet there still in the darkness goes a bump}

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