Monday, March 13, 2017

You, Thee, and I

March 13
"I am happy."

Today I met with a former student and then my therapist. I talked with both of them about the things going on in my life, from the time last year I tried to end my life to my new relationship. It was good to talk out loud about different things, and to hear how different my life now is from when it was last year.

It reminds me how satisfying and moving things are. I am making progress in addressing my faults. I am learning to see myself more clearly. I am not the only one improving.

Not everything is good news, since hardships come to us all. We never know just when we're about to face the extreme events. But we also learn to face the on-going biology of being alive, growing older, getting sick and getting better, finding strengths by facing weaknesses and adapting.

I am some strange being caught up in a fantastic story. I am seeing the tears in the curtains and the darklights shining from the other side. Those shadows cast upon the walls and these echoes from deeper in the cave lead us onwards, outwards, into the still, silent, unchanging world existing beyond life and death.

There where the knotted tangles we are
form the sinews and gristle of multiplanar beasts,
soulmeat and lifeforce immortal to us
but fragile to themselves,
there it knits together and bonds forever
relationships and attachments and cords across time
in order to make itself exist all the same

It comes from each of us.
It comes for all of us.
It comes to be with us.
It comes to be from us.
It comes with us.
It comes as us.
It comes in us.
It comes.

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