Saturday, March 04, 2017

The only Winning Move is not to play

Once you learn there are not only "higher dimensions" to reality and they are as full of life and death as our own "lower dimensions", you also learn to take the current political scene in perspective, the way you take in perspective the GREAT ANT WAR waged constantly beneath our feet all over this sick earth.

I read how people speak about Trump, or each other, or "supporters", or how they speak at one another. They will quote 1984 all day long but still don't take the time to read it, more slowly, more carefully, to understand that hatred and love are the duals of one another once you walk down the path of hatred. There is a love beyond love and hate, as there is a hate beyond hate and love. Once again, understanding the fractal nature of our mindful reality helps to overcome the particular tensions holding one back at any unfolding.

This shows that wisdom really is distinct from intelligence and from education, or "the accumulation and association of shared facts and values." Wisdom is what motivates choices to evolve, whether that evolution is destructive or creative from the standpoint of what follows from the choices made.

In other words, wisdom connects the choice we made with the past and the future by imagining a moment in the near past where the present flows into this recollection of the past and imagining a further moment in the distant future where we understand how this moment we are presently within came to be from the choices we will have made by the time we come into the future. What we seek for the future is understanding, and not merely connection, not merely responsibility, not merely accountability, not merely reliability, not merely material result.

But we can also see how wisdom isn't just a connection between moments in the timespan of one's own life. This is, I think, what Plato is getting at by urging the philosophical student to keep thinking of the depths behind/above/beyond/within/staging the surface images. Our reality is not just an unfolding within time, but also in the continuities of those "higher dimensions" as well as the lower ones. Wisdom, I'm saying, is also understanding how the larger self we are matures, grows, decides, and itself becomes wiser through its own reflection upon how its selves are themselves growing, deciding, becoming wiser.

I hear Plato says that all is full of gods
and I believe him
or I hear Odysseus had little souls
in his body parts
his leg
his neck
his arm
and they quarrel like animals
against each other inside him
and convince him to act or not
how many of us have really never felt
a tiny great war going on within themselves
little by little turning the tides
little by little turning like the moon
where the gods and daimonia
dwell and scheme
like us
and we

And just as we try to bootstrap ourselves into more thoughtful and embodied ways of being, so also are ourselves reaching down or reaching within those open hands eager to grab hold and help those whom they are.

One corollary to this, I think, is how you love yourself or hate yourself in this layer or slice, or surface, of existence affects how you love yourselves or hate yourselves in other layers or surfaces. If you want to tear yourself apart, perhaps from above and below you are, in deed, doing just that, and you will drift unmoored from one another until you learn that there are loves and hates beyond love and hate.

I believe there is a game beyond these games, where it is VICTORY beyond winning and losing. It is not found in sarcasm. It is not found in snide irony. It is not mockery nor humiliation. It is not found in righteousness. It is not found gloating. It is not found through schadenfreude.

It is love beyond love and hate, chosen for itself, chosen for its open hands, chosen for its self beyond the self —submission to the spirit animating you in all of those whom you are. To the extent your universe embraces the multiplicity of your self —to the extent you learn how you are not yourself and you are no less than all of this and no more than none of it— to that extent you find the game beyond games, the love beyond love and hate.

Otherwise, you will seek out not your mirrors but your shadows, not your reflection but your concealment, not your grace but your bondage. This is why there are so many not at peace with themselves.

They do not understand how they are every one else.

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