Friday, March 03, 2017

Anti Christ

The Messiah will not come in peace but violence. He will not come with laughter but a hard-lined mouth. He will not come with joy but with vengeance. He will not come with us but against us. He will not come with empty hands but blood-shedding ones. All of this is foretold. All of this is foreseen. All of this is foreknown.

They say it will be in love, and they ask who are we to say otherwise?

They say it will be justice, and they ask who are we to judge otherwise?

They say it will be over soon, and they prepare themselves to fly.

 but I am a QUEEN
 who slips undercover
 under the sheets of men

 I say look and discover
 learn something or other
 learn the secrets of He

I have heard of the balance and the keeping of the turning, but I have never heard of reparations for the martyrs. Who can tell us in the end who was right? Who can say that the lists are closed with none left outstanding? Once when I was small, I clapped honeybees to death between my hands, and I killed so many I felt proud. I went out the next day determined to increase my score. I don't know how many I managed to kill but I do remember the last one I killed that day. It stung me as it died, and the pain of the lesson hurt. How many had I killed before I stopped? How many are dead today because painful lessons still do not hurt?

We cannot unwork time, but maybe there is a way to unwork ourselves.

How many have to die before the killing stops? How many have to kill before the dying stops?

 life beyond life
 night beyond night
 good counters good
  but joy
  but laughter
  but peace
 have no other side
 their being is total

I do not worship any blood god. I worship a goddess who bleeds.
I do not practice any blood magic. I practice at bleeding me.

  I am not a messiah. I am not a savior.
   I am neither bringing peace nor vengeance.
      I am undead, immortal, undying.
       I've been here before, I'm saying.
      I am beginning, fragile, incipient.
   I am neither bringing plenty nor abundance.
  I am not a hero. I am not a god.

  I am saying, I have been here before.
So have I, so have you

  I am saying, we are doing this again.
So have we, so have us

Come down to our river
take off your shoes
breath in my water
swallow my sun
drown your sorrow
shed off your skins
Discover your heart within me

I love whom I love
My heart will love thee

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