Monday, February 20, 2017


For a brief moment, I saw another colorful world, far exceeding my own tri-colored dreams and red-green darkness.

It was a window to another scene, partly a dream, but partly a vision I knew was something more than my own imagination.

You texted me to say you were sorry for the distance, but not everyone will say as much so late in the night or early in the morning. Seeing your text is what prompted me to see something else, during that time when they say the mind wanders through encouraging nudges from beyond.

Out this window are a number of people heading to class or their cars or their work or their rendezvous. In two minutes I will stand up, put on my coat and pick up my things and carry them and myself to the next and last class of the day.

After that, I am going to get into a car and drive to be alone. I will turn off my cell phone and not be bothered. I need this time to clear myself of the grief and the frustration and the doubt.

But maybe importantly, it will be an opportunity for me to see into my own mind a future much more uncertain than before.

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  1. Before I could get to the mountains, I met Colleen at the house and went with her to meet her friend. We talked the good talk, and then I went with her to Piedmont library.

    The Piedmont campus is beautiful. Up in the sky, I watched planes high up in the sky leave behind trails of particulate. The hazy clouds above looked like breakers on a vast ocean above me, and the noise all around me fit the scene very well, too: it did sound like a large ocean with crashing, persistent waves and a deep bass rumbling all long. Laying on my back, watching the waves in the clouds roll along, it felt like flying over the ocean.

    In the sky, the sun going down cast several halos: sundogs, supralateral and circumzenithal arcs. I had to look up what to call those things. It was beautiful. I also watched some small fish and turtles in the marsh on the Piedmont campus.

    Walking around the campus helped clear my mind, and then I took some time to watch student videos. I am often surprised and encouraged at how deep some of the students get in their discussions. It is so very helpful to see the other sides of my students, since they are often drowned out in a short class by other students or too intimidated to speak up or unable to form their thoughts on the fly.

    I am getting better. I see the cycles more clearly.


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