Thursday, February 09, 2017

Elysian Fields

The tall one leans down to the smaller one, and speaks. "Hello, welcome back."

The smaller one sits on the ground and squints into the distance. He hmphs to himself.

"How do you feel now?"

The smaller one looks around, looks briefly into the tall one's eyes, then looks down.

The tall one lowers into a deep squat and watches the small one.

The two of them wait for a long time.

The small one speaks softly, "I don't know." He touches a tuft of grass near him, and he strokes with light fingers the immortal blades of grass.

The tall one looks to the stars but keeps the small one in his eyes. "What did you learn?"

The small one pinches a small pebble between his finger and thumb. "Stuff."

The two of them sit there for a little longer.

A small white cat comes from behind the tall one and curls its tail along the tall one's leg. It is watching the small one with lightning eyes. The small white cat sits back on her haunches and blinks.

The tall one puts his hand down to the white cat and holds the palm open-faced down. The white cat pushes her head up into the hand and closes her eyes, turns her body around underneath the palm and rubs her back along the open hand. When she crosses over to the other side of the tall one, she looks again to the small one.

"I think she wants to tell you something," the tall one says to the small one.

The small one looks into the endless sparking light within the cat's eyes. The cat and the small one stare into each other for a moment.

The tall one stands up, and as he does so, his large black wings on his back unfold from behind him and envelope all three of them together.

Underneath the wings, they all breathe the same.
Underneath the wings, they all speak the same.
Underneath the wings, they all learn the same.

When the wings unfold, the tall one is gone, and so is the cat.

The small one holds a transparent quartz egg and stares into it.

Inside, he sees the doorway into the world, and then a VOICE speaks to him from inside his stomach.

"Feathers and scales,
Fur or tales,
Cats and wizards and me,
I love you,
You have me
Together, we open The DREAM"

"I am ready," says the small one, and then there only remain the long fields of immortal grass spreading beneath the blue-white star, the harmony of the gates opening and closing, and the restless wind above and below the earth.

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