Thursday, February 23, 2017

An essay on tea

The present occasion awakens a thought which has often disturbed my DREAMS. If my present speculation is but a DREAM, I think it my happiness, that the subject of it is the love of my country. It is indeed a concern of a very interesting nature; and there is more reason to expect redress from the LADIES of this land, than from the most learned divine, or the ablest statesman.

The matter is this. I have long considered TEA, not only as a prejudicial article of commerce; but also of a most pernicious tendency with regard to domestic industry and labor; and very injurious to health. I am not bias'd by any private motives or partial considerations; and tho' many have had much better opportunities of understanding the subject than myself; yet no person, that I know of, has entered fairly in the merits of it in the different lights it appears to me. . . .

"An essay on tea" by Jonas Hanway

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