Monday, January 23, 2017

What should I write about?

I need to start writing my own philosophical works in a publishable format. One of the other adjuncts, who's accomplished in a number of areas in other respects, just told me that he's publishing yet another book through a press who published his previous book, which I gave a blurb review for.

I think I'm at a point where I do need to start translating my scattered thoughts I try out here into something more substantial, critical, and sourced. Otherwise, everything I've learned about this universe dies with me.

I learned recently that my major professor, Bassler, cites me —me!— in his most recent book about Matrix philosophy. I remember making the comments, since he's talking about things I know I often talk about, but I'm not sure how or when it was he learned them. I think it was in class. Has to be. But it made me cry to learn that.

It's hard to put one's neck on the line, but he does it. My fellow adjunct does it. All the heroes and heroines in my life who came to me through books, some of them world-famous and others barely mentioned by the fashions, they all wrote those books I held in my hand.

I can either work and pick up hours in the library to make a few dollars an hour.

Or I can take the time and start putting together a book that might, somewhere, encourage a lonely person to rethink something, change their lives, or see the world more admiringly, wonderfully, lovingly.

The path through the body that most challenges it to perform is the route through which soul becomes spirit.

  O, my future selves,
  you who know how it became me
  guide me to you

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