Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Staring Over the Barrel of the Gun

I see through John's eyes the look inside Lexington's eyes. I do not close my eyes, this time. This time, I look him in the eye.

"You and I are here. You and I are now. We are this moment. First time I see you, I ran. First time I hid, I ran far, so far.

"Second time, third time, don't remember. But here we are. Here we are.

"We were always here. We were always afterwards. You and I, eye to eye, now, we were always this moment.

"You kill me because I tell you a truth you cannot hear. You kill me because I hear a truth inside you do not want to tell.

"I love you because I am you. I love you because you are me. I love you because you do what you do, I do what I do.

"You are me, and we are in this moment together. And everything you do, going to do from now on, you know you do it to your self.

"So do it, and know that I forgive you. You forgive you. You will see come the other side how I forgive you, right now.

"So do it, and know that I forgive you. Do what you think you have to do. Do what you think you s'posed to do. I do only that.

"But do it, knowing that you will only forgive yourself once you see it from the other side, from this side,

"From the side of the one you're doing it to."

He closes the book he had not written to open the door into the world who writes him. And then when he sees things from my eyes, and I am him and he is killing me again, it won't be either of us who understands what this means.

You will understand. First time I understood, I ran, so far. So far.

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