Monday, December 19, 2016

Semester is Over

Grades finally posted!

Lots and lots and lots of lessons.

First semester since the EVENT. Manic periods aren't fully out of control, but just enough to remind everyone my male heroes were Willy Wonka, Mr. Wizard, the Doctor, and Magnum PI. (That last one is more for Colleen.)

Time to change the Quest concept and make it more manageable for myself. I've been thinking of three-dimensional shapes that the clues reconstruct. Hellraiser's box, for example, as a paradigm. Use the sculptures around campus, too.

Group dynamics were nearly perfect. Subtle tweaks needed to maintain dissonance and resonance, before total overhaul of the entire concept is in order. We're getting there. SOMA survives every decapitation.

House of No House concept makes more and more sense all the time. Honors class really, really helped envision how this can work.

Sage role needs a lot of study to develop. Wrong kinds of people are attracted to it, wrong kinds of interest at work.

Two campus for pen pal letters! Now they really will be letters from another land.
{12/19/2016: see below}

Still too easy to love everyone.

But we're working on that.

{{12/19/2016: I learned that they cancelled the class for one of the campuses. Nothing lost, something gained. It's a win-win, actually. 👍}}

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