Monday, December 26, 2016

I'm stepping out

I am flying again.

  The lights below are much further away this time.

    Wind shudder is inside me.

 On the wind, circling, around

the buzz and the compass, they spin me

    I am flying and ascending

    The wind carries me away

   Half my people this night are flying

  Half my people are free

  Half my people this night are crying

   Half my people won't see

The world I still love

You will not tear that from me

 My feet remember the mud and clay

 My wings acquaint with sky

    My mind thrice-walking, skin-dancing now

    I see you, my selfside, I see you, my sideself

   Take my hand, come with me

 Come, stepping out of doors

Come, this We

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Is this yours?
Is this love?

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