Friday, December 09, 2016

Honesty and truth, love and darkstars

A darkstar forms when two lovers mutually consent to reflect one another.

The ego falls away to become a reflector.

A reflector chooses to love through watching, staring, observing, recording, remembering, holding.

Two reflectors mutually consenting to reflect one another stare into one another's eyes.

Reflectors increase their mutual reflection through other senses as well.

Reflection of vocal speech patterns.

Reflection of smells and biological decay: sharing biome includes bacteria, yeast, gut biome.

Reflection of touch and response within the body.

Reflection of ideas and meanings.

All reflection is an attempt to reduce the ego production in order to watch, stare, observe, record, remember, hold.

Inward loving is receiving.

Outward loving is reaching in order to love inwardly.

Loving outwardly is solicitude to reflect: "produce for me what I want to watch, stare, observe, record, remember, hold."

To love inwardly requires absenting of self.

Two lovers mutually choose to love one another mutually create an opening for neither selves.

Thus, the darkstar forms.

A darkstar is a love that generates the abyss.

Out of the abyss, the spirits come in one.

The spirit inhabits the darkstar's presence so long as the lovers mutually consent to reflect one another's love.

A darkstar spirit forms a phenomenal self-model for itself.

Collapse of the star onto any one reflector destroys the capability of generating the abyss.

What we stare into forms who we are inside.

Thus, the darkstar collapses whenever the phenomenal self-model maps solely onto only one lover. {Consider: scapegoat, sure, but more importantly:: Tenochtitlan.}

An abyss that cannot sustain itself in the mutual self-annihilation that forms the darkstar no longer generates spirit.

Metonymic usage: 'darkstar' refers to someone capable of forming a darkstar.

There is a necessary self-reflexive component here I will begin to explore.


I'm here.

. . . Still here.

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