Saturday, December 31, 2016

From the Mouth of Madness

I hear you

I heard

I heard the skywalkers in the night, all those jaunting up darkening steps.

I know the path of common understanding, the denial of gravity:

the wrath of love's defeat, like joy in impossible flight

was the rocket's breath




into the darkest heavens where there is only

a curtain at the END OF TIME so quickly withdrawing that

space itself gobbles up the drift

because love swallows hole

what it cannot understand

but holes swallow whole

what cannot find common

control over the uncommon

inside the beginning of us all:

the darkening SPACE OF MIRRORS reflecting one another's opening

into the brightest heart where there is one




Now inspiration is respiration,

learning love's respite:

flight among the stars,

I know the secret, the trick, the one weird

word, is this: You were already flying,

you are already flight

  I heard the walkers across the sky

  it burned my heart to watch them die

       it burns us all when they shriek out

     and pierce our minds with their old stories

        of a death out there that's fast approaching

       who warn us to laugh, laugh, laugh and survive.

   It fears our laughter.

  It hears our joy.

Risum teneatis

  What does it profit us to be afraid any more?

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