Sunday, November 06, 2016

Undefended Thesis #85091711

There are no such things as secrets.

Every private thought you have inside that thing inside you —that you think you are in your most true self, the one who does your thinking for you, this is where you think no one metaphysically could ever share that space with you, and so you are forever alone in your ownmost privacy of being no one else but you— is already occurring within the world around you who knows your secrets.

Every thought is a change in the world.

The world retains all the private thoughts within the universe.

This is because the world is the universe.

And you are inside something you think is inside you, so you think.

Therefore, you are the world's own thinking of your own thoughts, and all the things you think you do in private,

they are remembered by the world;

thus, the world always already knows your secrets.

You must then learn to have no secrets of your own.

Therefore, learn instead to share the secrets of the world.

They are already yours.

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