Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Moon

I hope they do not blow up the moon, but I think they will.

Nuclear detonations as a Cold War deterrent: an old dream from the '50s. But now: to silence someone there, fighting over angers grounded over here. Two different wars, but three serpentine lies.

I've seen it in my dreams. That's when I collapse and cry. Not when I see a ghost or a machineman, haven't seen zombies in months. But when I see the moon crack and shatter, that's how my dream becomes a nightmare. It's the only thing I feel I really dread.

There was a recent Doctor Who episode with this theme, too. But then the moon returns as a new egg.

It's also in The Lathe of Heaven. There, the aliens turn out not so bad.

It's where the demons come from in Homeric times. Then, the demons were simply spirits, whisperers.

Something on the moon's surface is changing it. By the time people know this for sure, that's when our wars become, for humans, interplanetary. They have already been interdimensional for a long time.

In other news, the smoke from wildfires in North Georgia makes it more difficult for people to spot the black, unmarked helicopters.

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