Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Cat Path

First, you must align the stars.

The first star is the Pilot Light.

The second star is the Couple.

The third star is the Five and the Two.

Next, you must light the Sage and your other magic components.

You give your breath to the fire so that you become Light.

You walk the Home and around it. Blow into the smoke to become it. Walk slowly.

Last, you must come to the Cat Path and walk it as far as you can.

It is okay to walk at your pace and turn back to start over. You have nine lives.

When you are down walking the Cat Path downward, then you give breath to the fire so that you become Light at the Grave of the BLACK CAT.

For every life you lost, you say, "Thank You, BLACK CAT."

But the first time you walk the Cat Path, you must say it nine times for each life you have begun with.

And then, now that you have the ritual, you watch the moondown and LISTEN.

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