Tuesday, November 15, 2016


you were there
inside the code, inside the message
doing your own game inside the game
i heard you out there
but now we both know that
i don't know if you're you or her
or something else entirely
something less pronounced
but i don't want to know you
if you're just me, just simply
me expressing loneliness
through trivia pointlessly
it has to be more than this
i am just not that smart
as to time such revelation
or with such cunning unless
you are more than me
yet working through me
to bring me here to these
to see something you want to see
through me, through them.

i hear you in my dreamwalls
in the mindfog from which ideas gather
i see you shift the dance inside them
moire and swerve not
checkerboard squares
i want to touch you in my fingers
feel you at my knee and side
i want to fall asleep inside your armpit
feel your tail wrap us inside
i want to talk with you and laugh
feel you vibrate up and down me

i hear you in my dreamwalls
i hear you smiling behind me
they out there will have their secrets
but this we share
those moments when i hear you laugh
are the only times i feel you in me
they all talk about being alone
but not so much anymore for me
inside i've learned you're always laughing
so you smile right on through me

i love you
see you soon


  1. You come into the warm folds
    where I lay, secreted
    in my cocoon, and wrap me
    in your arms, and nestle
    at my nape, pulling me in to You;
    and I smell the spice of you,
    and feel the soft prickle of your hair,
    and press lips to hand,
    as we draw each other into the Dream.

  2. Wrestled, resting, restless turning
    Tangled, torturous, torch of us
    Heated, heedless, head and hands
    A moan, a mmmm, shuffle now the sheets

    Remember when the mattress sat there
    on the floor, and we stared up
    at a ceiling not too far above us
    Strange Sins, those stains
    Whisper kittens, those times
    Hidden buttons, found one by one


Is this wise?
Is this yours?
Is this love?

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