Sunday, November 13, 2016

Just for Fun

Our landlady had a concert at our place. Where we normally have a bonfire, there was a four-man band, with fog, bubbles, and lights & lasers. There was a lot of moonshine and ribs and fun and dancing. The moon was glorious and gleaming. It was a wonderful time. One of my neighbors fed me two maraschino cherries soaked in a cherry moonshine. She said I get two "because you're cute." It was a very unusual night.

I have been developing rituals at our home around cleansing and protection using sage, candles, and mental concentration. We bought a windchime yesterday with some of our wedding gift money, and it already adds to the spiritual center of our small home. Before, during, and after the concert here, we set up and maintained a candle-reinforced lattice of intersection lines and sage-diffused clouds. It's complete and total nonsense, I am sure to the disbeliever, but Pascal is right. The absurd gives my life something more than meaning, or purpose. It gives my life rich participation in the gift. It gives my life cunning responsibility with how to receive the promised rewards. It gives my life wild possibility, like portals into cartoons where i never fall off cliffs.

I know our President is now an icon from the slurpish side of America. There are still Red people fighting down the military and the globalists. There are still white people dying in ambushes from police officers. There are still reporters and journalists and preachers and students and toddlers dying within the networks of transnational organized crime. And wrapping all of the great WAR inside itself is this threshold to a Game about power and divinity.

There is so much going on inside the crystal ball, once they start it shaking. Someone else asked it a question, and someone else is shaking it.

But the future it will unfold, and the dust it will settle. We, on the inside, help somehow in answering.

To me, that is the Promise of the Coming Dark Age. Philosophy provides unique solutions to a trying time.

In the background of all this, Colleen and I watched Zootopia. It was a very fascinating tale of how to account for the manipulation of our racial conflicts, as well as a demonstration of the value in having our police officers be, as Plato's Republic argues, guardians of their own hearts and the hearts of others.

People are not stronger together simply because they are together. They are stronger together when they are able to act resolutely and resiliently in mutual aid and defense towards uncommon enemies, offering towards enemies all suffer in common only respect and public judgment tempered by critical scrutiny. I think there is a hidden truth to embracing that America itself embraces the ghosts of the First Nations, the Slave Nations, and the Empire and its Rebels. The first two suffered in distinct ways from the endless war of the latter two, though the patterns are fractal anyway. This self-referential enfolding gives America its dynamic strength, its contradictions, its weaknesses, and its great hope: America is fundamentally about the endless change brought about by the instabilities of power production —a thermodynamics of crime and law. As such, the project of America, when we allow it to continue past its current Doomsday version, will really begin to show us how the spirit of evolution has no aim but destructive creativity, no threat except the echoes of mortality denied while hidden inside —the ghosts inside the tunnel.

But that's a deeper promise behind the dark age ahead . . .

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