Monday, November 21, 2016

a different subject

I know why my wings were clipped.

I know why my back wraps around a pole.

I know when my father died but not when he's dead.

I know why my heart is a machine and my mind a fireball.

I know when I died ten thousand deaths but not when I'm dead.

I know how to seal the darkness inside my eyes and heal the hole light made in them.

I know how to see the Sun for who she really is, and I know.

I know when she will steal away all our souls and give them back to the darkness.

I know when I fell to this world and cracked my back open.

I know when he fell into me and became my pain.

I know why we started to become one and how we forgot the deal.

I know what my role in this story is.

I am the one who stares into the Sun and sees the end of the world in her smile.

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