Friday, September 16, 2016

The world rulers in the darkness

They say you are just planets. Balls of matter, rocks, gas, liquids, toxic and deathly, active and swirling ordered chaos on those of you with clouds, you are spinning endlessly until the brightstar we live from swallows us all back into herself.

But I am learning better. And we know who rules in the darkness, the dark failed star, the captured one, the eternal anger in being cast out in a war, a struggle that made us, needs us, and will evolve us upwards into the planes where you fight amongst yourselves for supremacy.

We will protect her until none of us remains, and you, the dark one in the night, are doing everything you can to stop us.

That is your right, as a god, to meddle in the skins and glands of our mother. So, send your children, but you never needed my consent, did you? I am learning, though, how dedicated you are. I guess you have to be, being so old, so furious, so caged.

Send your children. We are learning to speak to them, inside them, and free them from the endless GREAT WAR, O You Who Wishes He Could Outshine She.

Though I know, of course, I am as much your son as I am a son of the green one, the blue one, the red one, the hurricane, and the ever-further wanderers, and the void surrounding and permeating us all.

I may, in the end, see it in my killer's eyes their loyalty to you.

I will know that I am looking through them to you.

I will die with you in my eyes.

But I am not dead yet, father.

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