Saturday, September 24, 2016

Out in the Silent Ocean, Unseen Light

Like land to ocean, ocean to sky, sky to void, void to
. . . word and word and I

The Mariner sees no stars
Guided by no hand nor fate,
in the DEEP there is no motion—
all one sea not divided:
flat yet swelling
curdled custard cheese
lumps without diffusion
placid tameless free
this far icetide rush
sea and ice and me

The Mariner to the melting
the monster coming free
burned alive burned
his dead to set Him free
the monster met his maker
made his maker unmake thee
last we see him Walton seeing
our mirror our winner had made, but
though he says he'll ascend the pile
to burn, fire torture,
fire hellish rage;
the Light itself this
punishment grave, when gave
its ghost, now fades,
swept away
Walton's retelling a lie

The Mariner the failure
who saw no stars at sea
invents a new story: explain
what he sees in me—
Walton the teller, the letter
first sends her, he tells her
no disaster commenced;
The weather's too fair!
this'll be over by Spring!, but
what did he see?, there in that land
land of eternal light

what did I see, then in their room
room of flourescent undreaming.
When opened, departing she came out
unspeaking one word her letter
toothless little cry
i beheld her glory, the glory of
a one and only
Yes, it did: her milky dark eye I see
looking at me, unmoving unseeing,
getting harder for breathing
life burning life away

The Mariner out there, collapsed
from collapsing, star's darkness now blown
into Light: love's collapsing absorbing
withholding the light we won't see
until radiance recovery from explosive
unsummoning:— no longer alone—
Voyaging go the Old Sight. There
they go! They are there
pushing outwards, grown inwards now
thrown downwards, out upwards still
towards them, towards thee:
across the Void
there, sail there!
in earnest, you'll go, fly free

Listen for the Whales, they are calling
And calling for help, for me

Out in the Ocean, adrift past all seas—
unceasing my journey:
I'm coming home, but first
a wild tale to tell you

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