Saturday, September 24, 2016

Magic, do as you will

The science of soul impartation begins with something we're all familiar with: the gift of life. Where did the life come from? Easy. It's from inside a woman. But then, how did it get in there first? Not so easy an answer, but it seems for us, it has something to do with being passed into by something from beyond. What's been fascinating to me is how Plato says this is how understanding comes from our souls. More than recollecting what is already there, there is also intercourse within the soul's organ-fitted-to-grasp: your soul's means of grasping not like a hand, but more like a glove, from the inside receiving what comes from outside, more like a tumbling lock receives its Key and opens doors for you. There is struggle within our mind's wrestling, grappling passion with an idea, the awareness of feeling conflicting emotions and intentions, goals and essences, all the diversity within our soul inside, when a soul is in love with something as like a soul as the soul is like it. The idea persuades its way into the womb in all our minds, and then there is no denying how the change begins, in the mind's slow but painful swelling and discomfort, the unsettled nights and red-lined eyes, the hemorrhoids and the erotic nightmares, and all the bleeding inside from the sudden resurgence of life where no life had been before. A mind come alive with doubling and doubts, joyful shouts of new discovery, something magic and impossibly familiar in it all: the child of understanding delivered in our labor making it free from within ourselves, free to walk away, free to turn away, free to go its own path, free to follow the instincts of their species, free to be an entirely different life, free to die with regrets or shameless naked bliss, free to indulge withdrawals or devotion, free to form their own gods and rules and sins and taboos and horrors, free to do nothing, free to die free, as all as everything ever really wants.

If all that is true, then why are we all not free?

When freedom is all we are to be, yet none of us is free, then we are not to be.

All of this makes more sense to me if we're not part of what goes free, but what gets left behind: the prison, the wall, the skin. Maybe that's why we build more prisons all the time. We want to see ourselves reflected back at ourselves.

Once I accepted my nature as a prison for something else, all the other facets began to lock into place. I even think, sometimes, about how I always found the CLOCKWORK HORROR the most fascinating idea of a terrible thing coming to us from outer space. Then I saw the series Stargate SG-1, and they had a similar idea, the Replicators. Rorschach in Peter Watts' Blindsight and Echopraxia is also his Thing in "The Things", which is also Robert Heinlein's titans in The Puppet Masters. The idea has its pieces in all the zombies, all the metastasizing AI, all the fears of losing one's self to the Social Organism . . . the univocity of the One.

Dawkins has this argument that our memes are our culture's analogue to genes, fulfilling analogous functions in the evolution of both. Supposing this is true, then why not accept this idea? If evolution finds a way to take certain functions and maneuver them into new dimensions of freedom—thus creating new realities through the evolution of all the ways and modes any reality dimensionally exist—and from this create consciousness or what you might call a soul, it will have also already found ways of creating souls for memes.

Is that hard to believe?

Is it harder to believe it also finds ways to create souls for reality itself?

Then what are you, if not already this soul within it all?

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