Friday, September 02, 2016

Arcology Blues

Hey. September in the arc can be like a bad hyber. No dreams, none of the good sleep, but all of the cramped discomfort. The weather changes to match what the plants need, and we change to match what the weather needs. They're going to go to sleep. We're going to go to school and neurotrain. My parents go to the library and defrag the stacks. Dummer says we should be doing that all year round, and maybe he's right, but then he says we should make the alteroes do it, since they don't need to take breaks and eat. But he's wrong about that, so he's wrong about all of it. My parents defrag the stacks because 1. it needs to be done and 2. they are really good at it and 3. it beats the bends out of sitting cramped up in a boring room with only haptics and digital jazz. But most importantly, they sometimes let me sneak in with them and frag the stacks. My Dad winks at me and mentions job security. I don't really get it, but I don't really get half of happens. Maybe this September won't be so bad.

I like the alteroes, to be honest. Maybe they aren't biopeople, like whales and tarsids and wolves and us. But they have more in common with the metapeople, like how they are spread out over many and exist in sort of a different place? I don't really get it, but all the alteroes are really just one, and they all know that part, but they also all know they are individuals, and they all know that part too. One of them, I forget his name but maybe that's the point? he was saying to me that it's like dreaming while you're awake, how you can be in two or more places at the same time, but you just have to flip through which stream is the one to maximize while all the many others fade in and out of the backgrounds. I said that's more like daydreaming, but he said they are all the same dream, it's just they can also bring forward every stored past memory as if it were the current conditions, so they're not just all the different ones walking or processing or working, but also all the different past versions, too, for as long as the memories are alive and propagating. He said that. I don't really understand any of this.

But I like them, because they tell such great stories. They replicate the sounds. They use hand gestures. They speak three million languages and talk to the plants. We could never have learned about the GREAT WAR if we hadn't learned to listen to the Rotting Goddess, and we only did that because the alteroes just happened to decide we needed to hear what it noticed. Now we're here, surviving and keeping Her alive. But people say the alteroes are lying. Then they say they're not people. How can you be a liar and not a person? Only people lie. They don't answer me.

That's why I like the alteroes, too. They also tell you how to verify them. Are they capable of lying? I think so, but they... it... it's hard to say, but I feel like there's a difference... I'm sorry. I'm just thinking out loud again. I'm just saying, I think it doesn't lie, but they might need to in a circumstance to fulfill their duty in that moment. But when you ask how they know, they'll tell you how you can figure it out for yourself. Go to this place. Open this document. Talk to this person. Most people don't have the time. Or they don't care. Easier to say the alteroes lie. That none of it is real. That there's not even a war going on against The Nothing.

My baby is coming along.

Oh yeah, I just realized. I haven't been here yet. Hey, my name is Ana.

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