Friday, August 26, 2016

Variations on a Theme

The burning star transitions into expansion
a lifetime of falling, condensing,
warping space's time and time's space
like tricking a word from your mind,
drifting through vacuum each tickling scent
you smell me there, the way
you feel me here, gravity
you feel all around you, love
is all around you

The space is here, the time is now
and bursting with all the tickle and pull
shoving thrusting aside all satellites to fall ever faster
closer and harder, deeper and compressed
drifting across the event's horizon
never seen again but seeing all the same
down in the darkness of the blackhole
the explosive surging fury of matter forced to energy
at every slice on the way down
snapshots of everyone who fell in the past
frozen in time for the future
yet each falling in time of their own dying
and each raging climb of stardust thrown out tries
to climb past the past's constancy in time
as past's own falling into the
frozen but blazing,
silent but screaming
the stardust cannot escape
the pull is just too great
what we produce goes only so far
no matter how thrown
if it has no mass of its own
to climb its way out
by grabbing hold of what's more massive
than the blackhole itself
the stardust knows its not the goal
 or the end
 or the beginning
 or the present
 or the dying
 or the climbing
 or the seeing
 or the touching
 or the tickling
 or the fantastic
 or the dance
the stardust knows all things come to those
who wait
good or bad
evil or sad
love or not

from the abyss self-imploded comes such force as the universe seeks
out of the ripping
they will come in to bring out
what seeks life and death
with smiles and curiosity
like little magnets drawn to iron
like little kids drawn to puzzles and plush
like little boys drawn to drawing
like little girls drawn to darkness

                touch paws

the bigger they fall,
the harder it gets

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