Monday, August 22, 2016

Now you don't

Now you see me,
from one line, but thee joke is
I can't see the textbox
on the screen
of this ancient phone
whose younger than I am
so it's just on faith
faith alone
I type and guess it makes some sense.
Like always, right?

I see you and through my milk white eyes and
I hear you though I
ruptured them from age and engines
and I
want to touch you with these hands
and fingers
and tongue
and lips and teeth and
and my neck across your thigh
and your hips between mine so
"when everyone got home I got your tail between my legs"
and from inside feel all nine
of your taps and tops and tups, so
what you got that's cats and fox and gloves?
all mine is rotten and pus-seeping and ghoul-weeping
blib-blug-bblering on down
puddling from putrefaction, my
comparison to the HOLY FLESH of goddesses
I know You will feel what
I wish were more real than this wretch

there is always the

Now you see Me

now you do

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Is this wise?
Is this yours?
Is this love?

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