Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Overwhelming Happiness

Overwhelming Happiness
floods like stormwater, like spotlight, like foreigners
changing the land, changing the man, changing the grand
Narrative is SELF

Rain precedes the bow
The bow ties the knot
The knot holds fast the bond
The bond endures the rain

Submerging what lays low
Feeding what grows high
Washing what lives clean
Flowing what goes away
Bringing what comes toward
Muddying what settles down
Drowning what eats dirt
Capping what rose above

The shine glorifies the vow
The vow challenges the peace
The peace beckons the heart
Heart yearns for the fall

WORLD is Language
carrying the gift, carrying the fly, carrying the total
unfolds like wrapping, like flowers, like mysteries
Hidden Joy Bidden

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