Tuesday, June 07, 2016

I love the world

I know this because I give my only begotten love
all to it, all to these, all to the WORLD.

Cling to me now, all my sisters, all my cousins, all my far-flung loves
For this WORLD is not long for me, but for all of us,
She is here as all of us clinging together,
before the surface skin we weigh down

pops like

joyful, colorful surface skin from
Mr BUBBLES jar of joy.
For in all our longing for one another, we know not long now
Will the skin's pop—pop—popping fling us out alone, each lone bit zero . . .

From all the WORLD, from all my friends, from me taken
only begotten love, how many times —I do not know.
I know I LOVE the WORLD.

Pity it pops

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Is this wise?
Is this yours?
Is this love?

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