Monday, May 30, 2016

Sit down.

You get so angry. All the world doesn't fit what you want? So you break the fragile things and call that spiritual.

See, all the future like a sunset, like the mind seeing the Truth: Plato says the philosopher learns that staring directly into the sun is something one comes to gradually. "To see Truth, expect slow progress." See?

The Truth is not like a man, one explosion of desperate, creative rebirth and all this aching need to try, one more, try one more, try.

The Truth is not like a woman, moody inward release and exhilarating exhalation, all spirit and shudder, stunning in waves, in throws, in sets.

The Truth is both, expansion and contraction, yet definitive temporal asymmetry. The truth who was one becomes many; many patterns of truths,
yet burning up and spreading forth, dying back and surging forward,
in the same direction of
mistakes overcome, lessons learned, new challenges unfolding into opportunities
to fail more wisely.
Lovers, the Truth is both as one.

The 'resolution of contradiction' is the 'reconciliation of opposites';
the skill to 'doublethink' is to see the 'wisdom of the opposition';
sublation of antagonism is the production of new oppositions from within;

always forward, always irretrievable,
always expanding, always dwarfing,
always the shedding past swept along like slut's wool
beneath beds —where did it fall from? —where does it fly off to?
—what will they become? —when was I me?
—when will he become him? —how do I know the difference from love to lie?

You get so angry because you know you're never going to know. You are simply never going to know, my love.

O, my love, be healed. All the world does not fit what you want, because you are so small, so alone, so bereft

, my little lost one, this is how the world really is spiritual. You learn how to stare the Truth into beauty.

Then there will be no need to break, no need to be a man or a woman, but both, and

no one will care how you go or where

Because the world cannot fit you

does not mean you are without anyone

who understands what it's like to never

fit anywhere but in the future

I'll help you get there, but you have to help me, and

just talk to me, in the darkness, in the light

tell me what you saw after nothing went right

where you went to see the other stars and moons

is that Truth, little one lost? Or

is it better to find out?

Go out. I'll follow.

I opened the door. Run out,

and play

I'll be there in a minute

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