Monday, March 14, 2016


Beeping, tolling, wretching, squeaking ... a bell,
Rips of plastic wrap, snaps of buttons, metal hinges up then down
Spanish phrases, nurses laughing, patients coughing, hushed children
Elton John still standing feeling like a little kid
You are on my mind
Floor, dirt, ... a bell, slut's wool, cracks across linoleum
The Big Wheel Stryker, electrical motor driving over the floor
How you feeling? How we doing? Still need that sample
outlets for power, outlets for gases, outlets for logic
Measuring the dying, the surviving, the shitting, the pissing
The rhythm is going to get you
Is it raining? ... a bell, The café closed early! Ma'am, are you okay? ¿Está bien?
The stint went in Ringing, beeping,
Okay? We'll hook you up to our monitor. Curtains on tracks, pull closed, pull open
Pulling me down, drowning, dying, forgetting, vanishing,
not even the prayer garden seeks the holy but the joke
How you doing? Good good. ... a bell, Keep a close eye on your catheter.
Beeping, tolling, bringing, ringing, air pressure sucking out from your lungs
No pain you hide escapes the machine
but no one listens nor cares nor comes
because sleeping is better for the damned and doomed
No life is left for the old, but machines unceasing beeping
trick them to life, the shot douses the flaming flesh
and pain goes away but ... a bell,
the memory keeps tolling a single note
Come, O Nurse, forget me now, this old man
pulls out his tubes and goes to die the way his people do
like all of us like punchlines like faithless like machines
pull the curtains, we're going to go home
eventually we'll hear it again ... a bell,
If I could turn back time, tell me lies tell me sweet little lies.
Follow up with your doctor, tell us more lies
you don't even hear the bell

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