Tuesday, January 19, 2016

signs in the sky

I am happy to find this spot. From here, I can look to the sun setting and see a little improbable feature in the trees.
Two branches on two trees bend just so, so that here I stand and see an orange L in the mix of branches
From here, I see the bend of light and the descending sky, and I hear beneath me the goats munching along
I am here to see this, and the trees will show me that sign, for a while, but then it will pass
and no one will ever see it again, know it was there, think it could be, learn enough to doubt it,
but I am one who does see it again, knows it is there, thinks it is, learns enough to record it.

I know you are coming. I know you are here. I know you are in everything. I know you.
I saw you past the trees, through the leaves, beyond the mold, down deep in the clay.
I saw you here. I saw you in everything. I saw you.

So come here to this spot. I see Aldebaran sneaking behind the Moon. Or is it the Moon obscuring the star?
Neither but the turn of the world, and you and I dance it off, and I'll talk with you
and you'll listen
it's just you're not here

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