Saturday, January 09, 2016

Her Poem

I stole a kiss that night, or rather
she stole one from me. She asked me look out
for her Father coming to take her home,
and then she took me in my bed and taught me
Girls take too.

You steal me when you don't know I'm looking
You carry me on your sleeve, and you stand there
all eyes a-darting to see the glory upon you
and my head upon you and mouth brushing your hair
breathing in your smell like rich loam earth
your roots are my branches, your branches my roots
I am you, my love. You are me. We are all together,
come together. Roots, tangled masses, and then the

My beautiful darkstar sister, my love,
She we both admire. Just follow the moon you wear
on your sleeve before you met me there on a lark.
Starstar, take me too.

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Is this wise?
Is this yours?
Is this love?

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