Sunday, December 06, 2015

There are clouds in the sky I never see vanish

There are clouds in the sky I never see vanish.
They move. They tumble. They wisp. They curl and bubble and baloomf into the sky.
But they do not vanish. They smile at me.

I saw one watching the trees. The branches scraped and tickled each other, while
the wind couldn't keep still long, must keep through, will come again.
The cloud just smiled, folded, tumbled and shed, but did not vanish.

One hid behind a radio tower in the night, three red lights against the fog and haze.
The light winked, and hid, winked, and hid, winked. The cloud
unwound and flattened out, like fog along the ground, but did not vanish.

This cloud hung out by the moon, showed her halo and her midnight rainbow hues.
Ice diamonds, liquid hydrogen, oldest earth of mothers, bending the bounce of light.
This cloud follows the moon, and long misty threads flow behind her, but does not vanish.

Sisters of the sky, clouds come and go, some blend and fold
But they do not vanish.

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