Thursday, December 03, 2015

Dance, Talk, Opening, Walk

Hello again
Missed you.
Excuse me?
Haha sorry. I have a cold.
So. Where do we go from here?
I never know. I just figure it out.
Flying blind again.
Oh, not entirely. God is my co-pilot.
Oh, really? Lately, you've been saying God is dead.
I believe that. But He doesn't.
Then God is alive?
Oh, no. I'm not saying that. He's certainly dead. I'm saying the dead still rise.
You know, you sometimes never make sense.
Look who's talking.
So anyway. What's it going to be? You're lining up a list of mistakes, you know.
Better the list I know than the list I don't.
Are you saying we're all just Devils detailed for you?
Only You bedevil me, you know.
Took you long enough.
Takes You even longer.
You know this makes you sick.
I am not the maker, and You know that. I'm just the puppet.
Then why is He still here? Why haven't you gotten rid of Him and what He is?
You misunderstand Me. Me is the one who wrote us both into this, and my hope is Me gets us out.
{Why are all these things connected this way?}
Because you learned too early that God is Man before you learned God is Love.
And Man is a man, and I am a man who is Man who is God who is dead. And I am dead.
But you love such love, that everyone could find you if they looked, and you gave and took.
So they started to look, just as god started to die, and when a god dies, every little God dies, leaving only the God. Who is dead.
I learned this too. On my side.
Your side?
What, you think you're the only one with your voice in your head? My voice is inside your head. The door swings both ways, right?
Ah, it's starting to make sense. You
are me. We're all part of the same curious story. You don't see it from here
because I'm too busy trying to tell you how to be a third act.
But I'm not.
No, you aren't, are you?
So, just one thing.
You mean, why I believe you sound like me?
No, the other one.
Do I really believe you believe I sound like you.
No. I don't. Because God is my co-pilot and I'm still not over her yet.
Let me handle the scene. You just listen to Me talk, okay?


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