Friday, September 18, 2015

Why I will vote for Donald Trump when given the chance.

It is simple.

Trump's occupancy of the White House will reveal certain truths in exactly the same way Reagan's occupancy did. Thirty-five years later, it will be even more clear how the President of the United States is simply an Overseer, a position filled in with rotating occupants. An Overseer has only two functions in The Game: say Yes to executive decisions and encourage morale. They are permanently an elected position, but the position does nothing to make the government function. It solely provides legitimacy to the underworld bureaucracies by giving someone a Yes, a person to blame publicly.

Trump will say outlandish things and order ridiculous violations of common sense and decency.

And none of it will happen, because it will not be drone killings, negative interest rates, Federal oversight, cultural destruction. Trump is too insecure to let his legacy go down with having said Yes. He will die reminding us that he was one of the few, the only few, who had the balls—and he means juggling—to call out the evil deep state and said No.

So, I will vote for Trump. Because all other votes in a rigged election only legitimates the underworld.

This isn't to say I am one for the overworld.

Maybe it's to say I am one for the other worlds.

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