Friday, August 07, 2015

morning is not mourning

summertime fades into the still constant noise blanket crickets make in morning
sunlight soughing through leaves slightly tilting towards their goddesses
generally speaking, nothing lasts forever
cove's lake water drains down a manmade hole in a womanmade dam
students stand waiting for buses to never come on time
like the men adapted to self-propelled porn

spells like magic words incompletely ruined yet
meanings overtake us the moment we arise on mornings like this
hopeful yet discontent, smile and change permanence
then the angry goats steal away time hungering for
living or dead trees or grass anything not nothing
never nothing never unforgiven never not the last
unseen ritual opening the doorways of dark elder gods

thrills are what deceive you from disconnected dreams
awaken o sleepers into your new habitual steady
hold out your hand and say So - So
the other props a sleeve protecting hot coffee from you
stealing away its bounces and vibrations
like waves anonymous down there in the lake
hiding catfish also dreaming they too were once not cowards

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