Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Self Assembly Required

Somewhere inside there is a person I'm trying to recover. Somewhere out there is the person who pulls me out. Somewhere along the way is a person I stopped. Somewhere along the way is a person who departed. Somewhere to my side is a person who can cry. Somewhere to my left is a person I can't deny. Somewhere before me is the person who hits those branches. Somewhere behind me is the coward dragging back. Somewhere far below me is the source of all my ground. Somewhere far beyond me is the legend fading fast.

Space is the future. Space is the past. Space is far below you. Space above is vast. Space is all your gaps, the gaps between the atoms.
In all that space, there is nothing but a distance, the distance from you to there. In every gap within that distance, another space resides.

Where is the person, where is the one, how do I get there from here?
What steps do I take, to become the one, the someone I can be?

Infinite crossing takes forever. Zeno proves this.
But what he was wanting us to see, it wasn't that we're so ever far, far away.
It's that we've always already been there.

We are never far away.

But what about I? Where am I?

Somewhere there's a memory of a dreamer, who wanted to rule the world. He vanished about the time I fell in love.

Now that I understand love, and I grasp the potency of vice, what cost is ruling the world,

to learn there are more worlds larger than this one?

It will never end.

I do.

We know.

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