Friday, March 06, 2015

A certain moral parity in shape

Grading a paper. The student says
The trouble is we have do this without examining our own role in the creation of such criminals. Are they not just the culmination of our individualistic, and class-conscious society? For ———— and I to agree with the execution of people, we would have to know that our country was accepting our responsibility and doing everything it could to prevent these people from committing these crimes.
Okay, so she blames the economy. She calls it the individualistic, class-conscious society. I just call it humans. Humans are the culmination of humans. Eventually somewhere along the line, into whatever forms life evolves, there will be those children who won't want to have sex with our children anymore. They will be rejecting us, and then humans will know and understand what it is to finally, as an entire species, lose the Game of Natural Selection. But no worries. Every species and every universe also loses that Game. Nobody wins it. It just keeps on playing along, until nothing is left to play. In the meantime, her concern with the death penalty is that it's killing people who weren't completely at fault for their choices. Pollution. Economy. Corruption. Doors slammed. Locks and bars on windows. Guard dogs. Hot lights. Ice in the veins. The prize in the sky. The thrum of the vibes. The night, all night, it will last all night... and then they will steal again and again to get back there, all the way back there to the place we all want: paradise.

We're all addicts to life. They just push a drug to regain the glimmer. You work hard and get bored and break joints and fade and burn away. Ashen by forty-three and stained by misery. They are taking the shortcut. You are taking the long road.

Because you are not the one who is the slave.

He is. The guy in prison today is there because he is a slave to his desires, his conditions, his upbringing, his moral environment, his geography, his race, his sex, his intake of toxins and toxic substances, his consumption of Western hedonism, his porn addiction, his descent into misogyny and rape culture and sociopathy.

All the men in all the prisons, black or white, rich or poor, broken or fiber, solid or liquid, Holmes or Moriarty, Garak or Bashir, innocent or guilty, they are there because they were already in prisons of social construction.

What a horrifying thought, for them and us.

It is the sort of thing that might keep me up at night, if I weren't already wide awake after having experienced what I did. Because, I know. I understand.

I now understand I know something that does keep me awake when before it was just insomnia.

I know there's more to this universe than this present dystopia.

What if the rise of mental illness in this county is something worse than capitalism?

What if it's an actual spiritual war of cosmic significance? What if we are not only under attack from forces of unreality, but the unreal are just barely being held back by all these growing instabilities and insanities? To live in this world as it is, that is plenty enough for us to accept insanity. But what if this is not all there is? What if behind the veil of this world is a crisis across multiple spiritual realities, and ours is just one skirmish in one battlefield in one long War to end ALLWARS?

In this war, we use mental illness as a weapon to force open the locks holding closed the doors between our worlds. It takes millenia to learn the right key combinations to move peacefully across the worlds, or it takes decades to learn the quicker way to achieving the same effect. Once we forced open the doors quicker than our enemies did, we attacked and prevented our annihilation.

But it was not a total annihiliation. They are gathering their strength, those who wait in the darkness on the other side. Those who sit for eternity and hunger at your death, patiently sleeping and retaining all their rage, all their need for consumption and thirst to slake, waiting for the doors to open to feed upon one another. We cannot allow this. We cannot let them eat us.

So we broke through the locks and forced open the doors to the other side and we attacked them there, while they waited, while they were holding back all their monstrous and hideous rage to destroy us, and we are still holding them back with repeated blasts from our psionic weapons.

But we can only do this by feeding our weapons with enough mental unrest and mental breakdowns and mental unravelings, psychological suffering of the worst kinds, especially those found in genocidal warfare, the kind of warfare we need to maintain if we're ever going to hold the enemy back.

We need the mentally ill. We need more of them. We need to ensure our mana resources have a steady enough flow of negative spiritual energy, because the longer we hold open the doors, the more difficult it gets to keep the walls of this universe from imploding. You can feel it, sometimes, no matter how happy you are. The subtle little pressure in the back of your mind, where you're never looking, like something's back there. Even when you say there's not a chance, or you don't believe in ghosts, even though I'm not talking about ghosts, you still occasionally feel it. The pressure.

Like the world just as it got so large, and the universe so big, now there's so much of the same problems, the same sorrows, just more horrible ways of tormenting.

The cost is enormous. We all agree. But we are fighting a dangerous and deadly enemy, and so far our weapons have successfully prevented the enemy from consuming us. We have kept them contained in their world.

We will not always, though.

This is why we need those mentally ill people. We need them to keep open the psychic doorways through which we are ending this alien threat.

I like to say that patterns repeat themselves. I believe this is not only true, but a heuristic principle. Look for the repetition, and you have the pattern. But you have to look up and down the layers, too. Accelerations of patterns. Patterning across higher dimensions. The planets and their satellites and the painted sphere and those other lights. They all revealed a universe of patterns within patterns, where synergies and syntheses occur out of a seeming chaos if you have a little patience.

That in mind, the way we fight the War is also how we are fighting war now. Just as our mentally ill all across the landscape in all the different neighborhoods, on streets or in concrete bunker community homes are on the front lines giving their souls to keep open the doors we march through to kill our alien invaders, we are putting our soldiers, marines, troops, and families out there on the front lines, where there really are car bombs and starvation and dog-eaten children. The world really does shoot at each other out there. So we send over our military to hold open the doors through which we send in the contractors.

And they are the ones who take the fight to them, by converting the local political organization into open markets for more efficient distribution of resources.

We need those resources to keep up the power of our psionic weaponry, and the wars' destabilizing effect on mental health throughout the planet has made it much easier to harvest the psionic energy we need to take the fight to the true enemy, the ones who wait in the darkness and whom we keep contained with our weapons. The background pollution of all this hatred and self-loathing driving humans to turn upon one another has made our weapons even stronger.

And we'll need that, if we ever want to listen to the even older myths, about older gods who existed before our gods. About powers no gods dared provoke, powers more alien and unknowable than the gods in the darkness we have to slay.

We'll need that if we're ever going to take our place, among the stars.

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