Sunday, October 19, 2014

In Ferguson, they protested against police violence by shouting "Hands up! Don't shoot!" In Keene, they protest by shouting "In the Pussy!"

Keene State College was having a riot. I don't know the exact reasons why the college students began to riot. New Hampshire is very far away from me, but apparently the Pumpkin Festival gets severely out of hand as the students get progressively drunk, more emboldened to antagonize one another, and destroy public and private property.

But, it's instructive to just listen to how the students talk and protest.

At around 14:26 on the livestream I link there (Riot Round 4), hear what sort of slogans circulate. Overwhelmingly, the chant is "Fuck you!" and "Fuck the police!" But just before all that, it's "Pussy!"

Earlier, at around 2:33, one student says "Cops are fags. Cops are faggots."

Earlier, at around 10:20, there's someone who audibly (but not visibly) passes by the reporting and says "Fuck her right in the pussy!"

At around 11:50, there's background discussion of pussy, with someone saying "There's too much hot pussy out here to get pissed off!" Or close enough to that.

A brief discussion follows about the lingering pepper spray felt by walking up Winchester and the riot police with batons, and this is interrupted closer to 12:50 by someone asking "What's my reason not to rape her now, hanh?" Or, maybe he's asking "What's my reason not to riot here now, hanh?" The latter question fits more with the ensuing story about how not doing anything but innocent adult behavior in front of riot police prompted pushback. It's hard to hear it clearly.

Later, at 15:32, one young man says, "I think the average person is starting to get pissed off at the average police officer... in the pussy. Woo!"

At around the 20:00 mark, a small group of college students celebrates and shouts off to the camera, with one of the young women pretending to show off her breasts to the camera.

Car flipping commences at 29:00 of the Round 4 video. You can see just before this a group of young men choose to flip the "shitty car." By 33:00, they do manage to flip the car.

As the cameraman says by 37:00, Occupy Wallstreet, where he was at previously, was not like this. That's one essential point to take away: political protests with a motivating reason have discipline. When you have intoxicated college students, not only is there no discipline, there is outright despoiling of the civic environment.

In a different video from the same night (Round 5), one student says to another camera at 00:18: "Right? I'm in the video. Fuck her right in the goddamn pussy. That's it." And they laugh as he walks away, hands up. Then again, once ensuring he's on camera, another young man says in that video at 00:30, "Fuck her right in the pussy."

I'm going to stop here. Make of these things what you will, but I will say that, despite the clear destructive anarchy of the student mobs, and despite the police department of Keene having a bearcat—the article links to this segment of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, which is played for laughs—the police response to this event was not as militarized or heavy-handed as at Ferguson, despite the Keene community already knowing what to expect from previous Pumpkin Festival riots and violence. Perhaps Keene learned a lesson from Ferguson.

Or perhaps drunk young whites whose political outrage amounts to shouting "fuck her in the pussy" while flipping cars and damaging public property are not as threatening as black people systematically deprived of community.


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