Sunday, September 14, 2014

Viral Marketing and Kanye West: manufacturing outrage

So, maybe you heard about Kanye West. He's quite the character.

Recently he came under fire for calling out people in his audience who were sitting down. Turns out, a few of them were not standing up for health related reasons. Once West's own bodyguard confirmed the audience members were in wheelchairs, he continued on with his show. While waiting for the confirmation, West plays the usual self-absorbed figure. One might say, he's being a diva.

It made the news this weekend. Here's a few selections.

Daily Beast (has video)
Celeb Bitchy (has video)
Digg Video (has video)

Plenty more. Read them all. They'll tell you it was Friday night, and he's an asshole.

But, here's the thing.

He did it twice. Once on Wednesday. Once on Friday. The setup is the same. The point in the song is the same: it's not yet even begun. Watch the two videos yourself:

First video, from Wednesday:

Second video, from Friday:

Both times, the rant ends and the song begins, right on cue. "Like we always do at this time" and boom. Both times.

Frustration. Dragging out. Anxiety. Misunderstanding. Arrogance. Command. Let there be light. boom.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

While trying to make sense of what I was seeing, since I was seeing two different videos, I went to my trusted Internet information and trustworthy reporting service, Google.  Currently trending? Kanye west stops show.

Kanye West, show stopper.

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  1. Did I mention that diva just means a female goddess?

    So, when a male performer is behaving like a diva, usually we'd say he's being the egocentric prick, a real big dick, and so on, but if we were to accept the gender transformation, a male diva is just a divine, a god.

    The gods are the only ones who truly provoke the outrage of mortals.


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