Friday, August 22, 2014

Life is Already a Parody: TSA admits you can get into this country easy.

Kafka theater. It is theatrical, but you have to laugh. Read the article; it's great.
The system produces a form summoning you to appear in a court for a crime. In order for the system to work as the system, we have to obey the form. Since there's no standard through the system, we'll count any form as the form. Any document is acceptable, because the system works. And if the ID a form-bearer has is unacceptable, then we'll use some form of ID. By definition, the ID they have is unacceptable. The system says take the unacceptable ID as one piece of their total ID replacement. The other piece? The form summoning you to appear in court.
But what if I just make up a document claiming to be the form, and make up an ID claiming to be me? The system says I gotta be let through. The system works. Any document will do, any ID will do.
It's brilliant. It's theater. It's like real life.
You see, the only reason why the government will accept you're real is if they get to punish you for it. So, claim you're on your way to get punished. Now you're okay to let in.

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