Monday, August 25, 2014

A Ruthless Terrorist Organization Determined To Rule The World

This link over at Medium makes the case for treating ISIS as a "start up" company. Here's an earlier link at zerohedge.

It really puts the numbers and the informational warfare (propaganda, advertising, twitter amplification, reports: all the things regularly used in the on-going information wars) in perspective. I didn't realize ISIS was as far along and so quickly. This is a new thing. A military mercenary state operating under the cultural hegemony of Islam. I don't know if Americans really think much about the international dominance of Islam, and I mean especially past the particular blindnesses of the laughing liberals and the cowardly conservatives. It's not terrorists on the one extreme or Religion of Peace on the other. It's about where the money sits and who collects it, hoards it, and uses it to solidify religious power. It was the same way for Christianity. It is the same way with any informational form of life that refuses to let go. It holds onto whatever gives it lasting power over others, clinging the way a soul clings to a body it spent an entire life struggling to be rid of.

The article made me think about how ISIS, with its propaganda, executive culture, military hardware, mercenary (and pressed) soldiers, and deeply fanatical religion-without-meaning, is pretty much Cobra.

On the one hand, I don't want to trivialize what's happening with poor humor.

But, given how a lot of GI JOE episodes show Cobra doing misdirection, false flag operations, all the rank mercenary nature of corporate money, is it really that far off to think this way? ISIS wants a brand. They'll have one. Those of us who grew up with GI JOE are already primed to accept the idea of a religious terrorist superpower. Only the Joes can stop them.

There will be ISIS action figures. If they are not already a thing.

What if I got one? How sick does that make me?

Will people stop purchasing gasoline that might have been sold by ISIS, the way people stop buying diamonds when they feel bad about the blood covering them? It's a much more real test. Diamonds don't get you to work or the hospital.

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