Tuesday, May 06, 2014

My notes

I. Intro and bad philosophy. "I just can't believe it."
2. Bliss and bondage. "No matter what I do, I feel in chains."
3. Paradoxes and summoning. "They say they have evidence, but I'm more right."
4. Ciphers and the philosophical cave. "Consider it a deal you won't refuse."
V. The transdimensional criminal conspiracy. "This is all really happening."

Young Patrick, with such glee in his eyes, makes a brilliant response to the cynical Ben's rightfully righteous denunciation of megacorporate church-machines. Rozier just said Socrates says the philosophers have to go down into the caves and rescue the people in bondage. And don't you think they won't want to go, being happy down there? Nobody wants the truth shoved in their faces when they're the ones who don't know they need it. But the ones shoving it are urgent because they know the stakes involved. If the philosophers can say it, why can't the religious?

It was the most brilliant thing he has said the entire semester, because he is right.

That clicked one more piece in this last puzzle, and it finally opened the path to the path of the path through me.

It's like the moral of Cabin in the Woods. We get so caught up in the minor horrors of transgression that we miss out on the larger, interlocking and layered old machinery running the whole thing, and who designed it to work this way, as the grinding wheel of wrath and death.

The philosophical question: knowing as much as you know, do you really want to know more? Knowing the answer to that, will it make a difference in how you go down into the cave, semester after semester, day after day, idea after idea? That is the moral question, I think, driving authentic philosophers, whether the yes or the no is more right.

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