Thursday, January 30, 2014

Money isn't wealth.

"Right. So, eh, what yer tellin' me,  is it's money from the future?  And, right now,  lookin' round, can't see any it?  Is at right? It's money from the future, that doesn't exist any of it ere, 'cept where you say it is, is at rite? Yeah, yeah. I see, that's about the right of it, eh? Yeah. Sounds good. Sign me up for that.

"What? Don't I get a say?"

There is no such thing as false coin. For every coin, there must be a reality to it. If something exists solely because it's agreed upon by a group to share in each others' imaginations, if we invent lies and agree to not call each other on them, then it is false coin. There are real consequences to every real decision we make. So if someone says they have wealth, then they have to demonstrate it, and this demonstration cannot be based on the lie. Something cannot come from nothing, not even money.

This is the ontological argument for justice.

The reason why it fails is immediately obvious: we are lying that it doesn't.

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