Monday, November 04, 2013


Green to yellow to red to brown to gone
Dirt underneath from coming undone
Crunch, crackle, pieces lie and settle
The wind she called and all did fall
'Cept late workers pushing sugar
Before sleep comes soon, too soon

For me, I fear night found without furred down
A smuggled stash of books and fats and dreams
But the trees all around me go naked
With arms stretched out wide, holding
Inside-out lungs, stopped mouths sealing,
And waiting breath-baiting in nap
Hoping no dreams turn sour, like
A chain of endless pain fastly slicing
Like blankets tatted torn removed and thrown

The light, she fades, she fades, fades, fade
And the night, invades, invades, invade, stayed

Til the rains clear a reminding day and say,
How swells our veins, xylem, and brooks!

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