Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Video Games Help With Cowardice

Here is the link to a ScienceDaily article describing research that found playing FPS video games helps develop better "radial contraction" awareness, or noticing motion while one is moving backwards.


The only significant difference was in the case of contracting radial motion -- which we would generally only experience when travelling backwards and seeing our surroundings shrinking away towards the distance.
Gamers proved to be significantly better at detecting this motion than non-gamers.
The researchers believe this is because walking backwards is a fairly common movement in the world of action games, particularly when a player is dodging an enemy or exploring an area.

It's fairly common when gaming to run backwards running into walls and objects and things, and continuing to run backwards. You do this to shoot back at the enemy, so the focus during this maneuver is on a specific spot while paying attention indirectly to the larger movements and position within the environment.

It's a curious sort of skill to develop, since in meatspace, running backwards into things will hurt or cause stumbling, thus making the maneuver shortly performed.

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