Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Notice the repetition of the word 'militia' in the article.

The article is here.

Militia talk in the United States of America centers around defense of self and family and community against the government. But amidst this rhetoric about self-defense one also finds a subtext of government collapse. In the period of anarchy to follow, the weapons will not be used for protection of self against a tyrannical government. They will be used for protection against the tyranny of a desperate people, a starving mob, and for the extension of control and power as far as that local warlord has guns to maintain it.

That will be a time when those serious about their militia talk begin to recognize the different idea of justice and law prevalent in the gangs and organisms of the criminal-industrial complex, the hive of the Abyss, seeing as how they will have to face one another as they each face the sheriffs, the generals, and the roving dispossessed poor.

Because this is exactly what you have in places such as Libya, where government and the spiritual life of the political have fallen into disuse.

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